Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Custom Hair Bows Music Themed

I just received a custom order request from a client for a music-themed hair bow.  I was thrilled because I’ve got the perfect fabric designs and charms to go with it.  What’s more thrilling is that she’ll be placing a bulk order as she’s going to have these hair bows as her daughter’s giveaway on her Rockstar-themed birthday next month.  It will be a little tedious but I’m excited with the outcome.  Can’t wait to share with you the sample pegs.  I’m sure you’d be delighted to see the mini Dean replica I’ll be using as center charms.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rock Star Party

I still can’t get over the Rock star-Themed Birthday Party we attended a few weeks ago.  The venue setup was marvelous as it has all the colorful party elements that you’d expect to see.  It might not have a real band setup like drums, guitars, new road runner 7 guitar stand at guitar center, the mood was still in a rock star high because of the lighted stage where the kids strutted their rock star attire and even did the rock star pose.  It was my son’s first time to attend such and I was so glad that he gamely walked down the ramp and even did the Mr. Pogi pose.  Now we can’t wait to attend the second rock star party we’re invited to come next month.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bon Voyage

Two close friends are leaving for the US with their baby very soon. They’ll be migrating there and it’s still indefinite when they will be back here for a homecoming visit. Because of this and to celebrate the husband’s birthday as well, we called the group for a special dinner treat at Trinoma last week. As usual, we had a long and fun chat until late night. The time’s not enough actually to catch up with each other’s lives and recall our funny memories way back during our High School days. You see we’ve been friends for more than a decade now so the bonding and friendship is truly special and just unbreakable. Solid. How I wish we will still get to see them in the future either them taking a vacation here or us going there for a short getaway. Who knows we’ll all also migrate there, own one of those Outer banks homes and we could refer here for artemide lighting and the bonding still continues. Only in a different land. Here’s to more decades of special friendship and wishing their family the best of everything.

When Knights Were Bold


When Knights Were Bold is the latest kit that Kate Hadfield Designs released last week.  This is the perfect kit to work with every fairy tale and knight-action related pictures that your kids may have like a school play featuring medieval times wherein knights come in shining armor or when people buy gold bars or do barter with such.  It is packed with knightly goodies and not-so scary dragons, according to Kate.
Too bad, I scanned the email late.  I could have availed the extra 10% discount code that came along with Kate’s newsletter.

Music Themed Frame Cluster Freebie

In Harmony Frame Cluster

My son’s recent fancy about musical instruments or music in general is just astounding.  Whenever he hears a music that he fancies, he’ll ask us to download it on our iphone and iPad so he can play and dance with it (for fast music) over and over.  Whenever he watches Imagination Movers on Disney, he asks in his sweetest voice if we can buy him a trombone, violin, guitar or any used brass instruments.  He used his plastic xylophone sticks and mini-couches to assemble a make shift drum set.  This frame cluster freebe from Chelle’s creations would be great to scrap photos of music-related fascinations as that of my son. Click on the image to visit the blog.